Our mother-tounge teachers have experience teaching children and adults, business and general English. They come from all over the world, England, the USA, Scotland, Australia, Wales, and they are eager to share their language and their culture with you. 

Private Lessons  

Private lessons are tailored to individual needs. Private lessons may be used for test preparation for University Exams or placement tests for employment. Business English classes are available for specific professional fields. Children's private lessons are available for children who would like individual attention. Private lessons can be arranged around your busy schedule. 

The best part, our teachers will come to you!

To start your lessons contact us today!

Group classes

Group course in the comfort of your home, office, or school. Global Institutes teachers will come to you. 


For classes of 3-8 students

1 hour lesson = €15 per student

1.5 hour lesson = €20 per student

For classes of 9-19 students

1 hour lesson = €8 per student

1.5 hour lesson = €10 per student

For classes of 20+ please contact us for prices.

Individual classes

Private lessons in the comfort of your home, office or school. Global Institutes will come to you.

Packages of lessons can be purchased at the following rates.

   1 hour  = €45 per hour

24 hours = €40 per hour

48 hours = €35 per hour

75 hours = €30 per hour

99 hours = €25 per hour

*packages must be paid in advance in monthly payment. 
*for packages of 24 or more, there will be a 10% discount for full payment in advance.